How To Spend Two Weeks In Jamaica

Last updated: February 19th, 2024

What To Do In Jamaica For Two Weeks

In January of 2024, I dediced to go to Jamaica for 13 days. During this time, I planned to explore the entire country by renting a car and driving around the island.

I first arrived in Montego Bay, where I stayed two nights. The first night, I went to the night tour at Rose Hall. It was an interactive tour where they try hard to scare you in a former slave mansion. They put on a good show and entertain you quite well with all sorts of tricks!

The following day in Montego Bay I went to Doctor's Cave Beach. Monetego Bay is where many people arrive when they go to Jamaica. It took a long time to get through customs and to get the car I rented.

After Montego Bay, I drove to Negril. In Negril, there is a long beach. Along the beach there are various restaurants, bars and shops as well as excursions you can book such as glass bottom boat. Many people try to sell marijuana to you along the beach.

From Negril, I drove about 15 minutes to the West End, which is the furthest western point of Jamaica. Here I was able to go into the water with a dive mask and swim around, seeing fish along the rocks. While its often cloudy, I did see an impressive sunset from here. A popular tourist destination, especially for sunset is Ricks' Cafe.

From West End, I drove to YS Falls. Here I boarded a bus to go swim and jump in the water for a little while to break up the drive. After that, I drove to Treasure Beach. There are some small beaches at Treasure Beach but much of its rocky and its not advised to go in the water, at least very deep.

After Treasure Beach, I drove to Kingston. Around 10:30PM at night I was picked up at Kingston to be driven to hike up to the summit of Blue Mountain. There were two long and difficult drives to get to the start of the hike, I hired a guide because it was far too difficult to do alone. The hike to the summit took 3.5 hours. At the top it was cold and windy and we waited until sunrise before descending. Having warm clothing was essential for sitting at the top.

From Kingston, I drive to Port Antonio and stayed next to the Blue Lagoon. While it's free to access, they expect a donation. You need to rent a lifejacket to swim in the lagoon. There is cold water from underground that meets the ocean here.

After leaving Port Antonio, I drove to Ocho Rios. Here I swam and relaxed. For day trips, I went to Dunn's River Falls, starting at the beach and hiking up. Later in the day I went to The Original Blue Hole. Here I was guided to hike up to a high point where I jumped into the river. The jump was probably over 30 feet high.

On the last day, I drove back to Montego Bay to return the car and boarded a plane to leave.

Places I Visited

Hotels I Stayed In

  • Verney House Resort (Montego Bay)

  • Travellers Beach Resort (Negril)

  • Xtabi Resort (Negril)

  • Beyond Sunset Resort & Villas (Treasure Beach)

  • Altamont Court Hotel (Kingston)

  • Moon San Villa at the Blue Lagoon (Port Antonio)

  • Hibiscus Lodge Hotel (Ocho Rios)

Notes On Jamaica

  • People drive on the left side of the road

  • Most roads have large pot holes, especially on the north, west and south parts of the island

  • Driving in a smaller car is better since spaces are often tight when driving

  • Drivers are often aggressive and the use of a horn is at times necessary

  • If you're not black, having dark tinted windows on your rented car is helpful keep from standing out while driving

  • Always know where you're going ahead of time

  • Having water shoes for rocks is helpful

  • Internet access is readily available everywhere

  • Cash is heavily used, both US dollars and Jamaican dollars (better rates are possible with Jamaican currency)

  • Pay in Jamaican dollars if you have a credit card that covers foreign transaction fees

  • Gasoline is typically poured for you by an attendant, only large American gas stations sell it with a credit card

  • ATMs exist in bigger tourist destinations at banks but they do not always have cash, cash is replenished in the mornings

  • Service for food is much slower than in America, it can take 45 minutes or more to get food if it isn't a hotel restaurant although breakfast is usually served faster

  • Alcohol can be expensive so buy at a duty free shop at the airport if you plan to drink

  • Tourist areas will have people selling marijuana, this is especially common on seven mile beach

  • Buying and wearing local Jamaican products, especially with the colors of green, black, yellow and red will help show respect for the local people

  • Going out at night, especially alone, is not a good idea

  • There are online forms to fill out prior to departing the airport

  • Driving around the island takes about two weeks

  • There are very few grocery stores and most are small convenience stores with food products for sale

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