Day Trip to Lahemaa National Park From Tallinn

Last updated: January 28th, 2024


On Monday, July 10th, 2023, I took a day trip from Tallinn, Estonia to Lahemaa National Park. The trip included several stops along the way with significance to the Estonian culture.

Tour Duration: 7 hours

Cost: € 109.00

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  • 9:30AM - departure from Kullassepa 4, 10146 Tallinn, Estonia - Tallinn Tourist Information Center (Kullassepa 4/Niguliste 2)
  • 10:08AM - arrived at Rebala Center-Heritage Reserve, gravesite
  • 10:27AM - arrived at parking lot for the Jägala waterfall
  • 10:59AM - arrived at the Linnamäe Power Plant
  • 11:35AM - arrived at Lahemaa National Park
  • 12:13PM - arrived at the top of an observation deck in the park
  • 1:20PM - arrived at the lunch spot of Vitna Körts Bistro where there were various options for Estonian-stype lunch (I had pork, potatoes, and three kinds of salad)
  • 2:03PM - briefly stopped outside of the Palmse Manor Guesthouse
  • 2:17PM - arrived at the Inside Esku kabel church, which had a graveyard around it
  • 2:34PM - arrived at the Altja Nature Trail where we walked along the Baltic Sea
  • 4:35PM - arrived back in Tallinn

Other Details

I arrived in Tallinn, Estonia from Helsinki, Finland by way of Viking Line ferry booked through Direct Ferries. The boat ride took 2 hours, 45 minutes. Once at the port, I walked to the Three Crowns Residents hotel, which was in the Old Town. The tour was only a 5-minute walk from the hotel.

Old Town is small and walkable. If needed to get outside this area, Uber is readily available. You may need to walk to certain areas in Old Town to access an Uber, however.

The day trip offered both culture and nature. Everyone was transported in a van which had the ability to shuttle 7 passengers. Only 5 passengers were present on the day I went, however.

It was possible to even go swimming in the bogs at Lahemaa National Park. I didn't bring a bathing suit but some other people hiking through the park did go in the water since it was directly connected to the wooden walkway. Bog water is acidic.

Estonia is mostly flat country. Limestone is a common and abundant resource.

The guide helped with ordering food which was useful as it was challenging to communicate with the restaurant staff in English.

Overall, the tour had a balance between learning the local culture and seeing nature. We saw a river, waterfall, forest, bog, and the Baltic Sea.

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