Tromsø: Midnight Cruise

Last updated: January 28th, 2024


On Tuesday, July 4th, 2023 I took a midnight cruise from Tromsø's port through Polar Adventures. Given that Tromsø is above the arctic circle, the sun didn't set while I was here.

Tour duration: 3 hours

Cost: 1,350 NOK (approxmately $130 USD)

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  • 9:45PM - everyone boarded the boat from Front Pier, Killengreens gate 7-11, 9008 Tromsø, Norway.
  • 10PM - the boat left the port and headed out into the fiord.
  • 11PM - the boat stopped and everyone was invited to start fishing for cod. Anyone would wanted to fish with a lure was able to do so and fish which were large enough were kept on the boat. There was an attempt to feed an eagle but it didn't get to the fish in time.
  • 11:45PM - everyone who wanted was able to eat a fish soup made with the fish caught on the boat. The sun was still above the horizon at midnight. Around this time we headed back.
  • 1AM - we arrived back at the dock and got off the boat.

Boat Trip Details

The wind can be very cold so it's important to have cold weather clothing. No alcohol is permitted or sold on the boat probably due to all the fishing rods, hooks on lures and small fence on the boat.

If someone is afraid of fish or fishing, they should refrain from joining the cruise as much of the time is spent fishing.

Coffee, tea and cookies are given onboard during the cruise for no additional cost.

The water can be choppy but was smooth while I was on it.

Overall, the boat tour provides views of the mountains of the surrounding area. If the weather is clear and it's summer, it is possible to see the midnight sun from the boat.

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Accomodations and Travel

  • To get to Tromsø, I arrived at the Tromsø Langne Airport
    • Uber is easily accessible from the airport
  • For staying in Tromsø, I booked a room at the Enter Tromso: City Hotel (only a 9-minute drive from the airport - I took an Uber for 202 NOK)
    • Free washer and dryer in the basement
    • In-room fridge, microwave, hot water maker, TV and bathroom
    • Many nearby restaurants
    • About a 5-minute walk to the port
  • Restaurants I visited while staying here:
    • Bardus Bistro & Bar has various seafood such as Haddock
    • Casa Inferno Pizza offers excellent pizza, the "Inferno" pizza is served on fire
    • Egon has an English breakfast with unlimited coffee and pizza buffet lunch
    • Fiskekompani has upscale seafood like Oysters Rockefeller, snow crabs and many other choices
    • Koseverden is a small cafe with breakfast like omlets

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